100% Or More Payout Games are Out There

Games with more-than 100% payout percentages are entering the marketplace.

How can this be? The payout percentage is the amount that a slots game is programmed to payout.

For example, a game that has a “97% payout percentage” means that for every dollar the game takes in, it is going to payout 97¢.

This of course is for the entire lifespan of the game so it doesn’t mean for every dollar YOU put into it, you are going to get that much back.

This is something that every player should understand fully when they are working with the games.

You should always look at the payout percentage of a game though and play the ones with the largest payouts. Though there may not seem to be a big difference between a game that has a 95% payout percentage and another game that has a 96% payout percentage, you want to be sure to take advantage of that one extra percentage point.

In the world of gambling, the House Always Wins so one “small” percentage point is enough for any wise gambler to take full advantage of. You are going to find that these small percentage points are the most you are going to find in the market when it comes to building your bankroll.

Looking for big payout percentages is the number one way to keep on playing for that much longer and to continue to improve your chance of a good win.

One thing that is growing in the market is the payout percentages that are over 100%.

How is this possible? You can find games with over-100% of a payout percentage but you may have to do some serious searching for them.

If you walk The Strip, likely you aren’t going to find them. These are the games that are offered in the off-Strip locations.

They are going to also come on the slots games with lower wager requirements. You are not likely to find $10-slots games with this kind of percentage payout!

No- you likely aren’t going to get rich with these games, but they still offer a great gaming experience and a great shot at making a few dollars here and there.