888Poker.com Announces Satellites to WPT

One of the best things about big-dollar tournaments today is that you can find plenty of places to earn your way into them. The norm for big tournaments is to have a strict and often costly entry fee. This could range anywhere form a few hundred up to the thousands. Not everyone has the ability to work with dollars at this level but still want their shot at winning big in the actual event. This is where satellite tournaments come in. They are the ones that allow you to rely on your expertise as a gamer to get into the tournament. For example, you may find that a tournament is offering a prize of $1,000,000 to the one main table winner at the game of poker. To enter, everyone has to pay $2,500. If you don’t have that amount, in former times you had to just pass up on the opportunity and play in a smaller tournament that you could afford. Now things are different. Because the game of poker is a game of skill, event managers have come up with different ways for good players to take advantage of their events. You can find satellite tournaments set up all over that are going to allow you to win your way into the tournaments. That is exactly what is happening for the World Poker Tour happening in Dublin, Ireland next year.

888Poker.com has just announced that it is offering a qualifier every Saturday night for players to get in on. They can play and if they win, the prize is going to be a $6,500-value package that includes entry to the World Poker Tour in January of 2012. The buy-in to the satellite events is anywhere from $1.35 up to $220. This is a great way for any good poker hopeful to get in on the fun without having to spend the big-dollar entry fee to get to the WPT. The WPT is one of the premiere events in the world of poker and this year is likely going to be up to par on what past years offered to the top winners. On top of a great payout, you should take a shot at winning a trip and the fun of playing in the WPT cost-free.