888Poker Hands Out Another Big Payout

Do you have “triskaidekaphobia”? That is defined as the “fear of the number thirteen.” A lot of people do and when Friday the 13th rolls around they call of work, limit their time outside of the house and even wear extra religious/positive symbols. For one South African though, thirteen was anything but unlucky! This past Friday the 13th, the player was at 888Poker.com and ended up winning $190,000. 888Poker of course is one of the biggest online poker websites in the world, and one of the most successful. The company has a huge number of games and tournaments to enjoy in any given month. The player who ended up winning the payout went by the name of “Anh Tuan.” The best thing about these huge payouts is that it brings a lot of promotion to the casino that hosts them. Let’s face it, if a player plays poker at Casino A, Casino A is almost immediately put on the map in terms of biggest paying casinos. Other players run to the casino to see 1) what other promotions are happening, 2) when the next big promotion is and 3) how they can get in on it.

Anh Tuan was playing a game of Texas Hold’em, which is one of the most popular poker games available in casinos today. It has a great selection of poker games to partake in. if you are looking to hone your poker skill, this is a great website to give you the variation you need. You can pick from a slew of games to find the ones that help you work on the skills you need. Get in on the tournaments and you’ll have a great education because of having to learn how to play against great players, good players and new players. That diversity is what is going to push you to the next level of poker gaming. If you do practice, you just may be the next one to walk away with 888Poker.com website’s next big-dollar promotion. Now that this is the biggest give a way amount the casino has ever handed out, expect them to consistently try to top it with new and even more lucrative specials.

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