Addictions Are All the Same…Even Gambling

Gambling addictions are just as powerful in hold over people as drugs or alcohol, a recent study is proving. One problem that gambling is bringing to the market is a universality that other addictions don’t offer.

For example, if you are a gambler you can wager online. Where can you protect yourself from the internet? All you have to do is walk down the street of any city and you likely are going to find a number of options where you can use free WiFi.

It could be a coffee house. It could be a library. It could be a restaurant. There are a myriad of locations where you can gain internet access. This is good news for students and business owners, but it isn’t necessarily good news for people with gambling addictions. With the rise in internet popularity, there also is a rise in the number of people who are using it to gamble.

This is creating a bigger problem than ever. You can easily limit your trips to the bar if you are an alcoholic. You can easily limit your trips to fast-food places if you are a foo addict. But how do you limit your access to the internet if you are addicted to wagering online?

This is a problem for millions of Americans, studies are showing. It is part of the issue that lawmakers are trying to work with too. They want to bring wagering into the economy. It only makes sense.

Gambling is a multi- billion dollar business and that makes it highly coveted to everyone involved. But, it also brings a long list of problems if not properly regulated. That regulation starts on an individual level. Research is showing that gambling addictions are just as powerful in hold as drug or alcohol addictions.

This is a scary projection due to how universal the internet is and how easy it is to gamble online. The gambling world is growing and addictions are a problem.

Although it makes a lot of money, gambling has its dangers. Without the proper regulation and laws, it could open the doors for more issues than solutions in the future.