AGA Inducts Sheldon Adelson

The American Gaming Association is consistently inducting new people into its AGA Gaming Hall of Fame. The interesting thing is that the need for an organization like this would have been completely outdated a few decades ago. Gaming started off strong, but had none of the passionate players it has today. Because of the popularity of different organizations are coming together to honor people who were instrumental in founding gambling in one way or another. They are consistently looking for people who are worthy of the honors and have helped propel gambling to the popularity levels that said today. The American Gaming Association just announced that Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson is going to be the next inductee into their Hall of Fame. They consider him to be one of the main driving forces behind the huge growth in gambling involved Las Vegas and Asia as a whole. If you’ve been watching headlines then you know full well how much Asian gambling has grown in the past few years. Right now there’s no other place in the world that can rival the tremendous growth that this part of the country is experiencing in terms of gambling. It’s not uncommon for places like Macau or Singapore to experience 40, 50 or even 60% of growth within just one month time.

Adelson is the latest person to benefit from all that he’s done for the hobby. He owns the Sands Hotel and Casino, the Venetian and also the Palazzo. He has consistently since 1985 built for three locations up to be some of the most successful and lucrative gaming locations in the world. As soon as he could he ventured into the Asian part of the world to bring gambling there. It was a brilliant move is paid off for him time and time again due to how much growth is coming into that area. This is exactly what he is going to be lauded for in coming weeks. Likely the AGA is going to continue to focus on the people who are most diligent about growing the hobby and developing it into one of the biggest markets in the world economy today.

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