AL Getting Rid of Bingo Gaming Machines

Not every legislator is pushing for gambling initiatives and expansion. In fact, Alabama legislators are taking just the opposite position. They want gambling to be pulled out of the market altogether and are making moves to do just that. There are three casino locations in the state: Victoryland, White Hall Entertainment Center and the Country Crossings. Each one has been a huge part of the market for years now with a variety of games for people to enjoy. If a person visits the state, most likely they are some point of their visit are going to venture to the gambling locations for some gaming fun. That was in former years though- now it is impossible to play the bingo games at the casino. Bingo is up for debate and the machines have been banned. State legislators want to shut down gambling in the state right now and even recently came up with a gambling task force to eliminate gambling. The task force was moving throughout the state for the express purpose of shutting down the bingo machines. All three gambling casinos above closed down for fear of the task forces raiding their locations and shutting them down. Of course with that shut down comes a hefty fine too, which is something that casino owners wanted to avoid at all costs. It is an uphill battle for them to keep on operating so they closed their doors. Their machines are still in the locations though and the owners are fighting the legislators who want them shut down. They are committed to reviving their businesses though and are using their own legal tactics in accordance with that goal. They could be fighting a losing battle though.

The state of Alabama contacted the bingo machine manufacturers directly and requested that they come to the three gambling locations and remove the games. They have two-months to take the games out of the casinos and comply with the state’s request. If this happens though, then the casino operators’ fight will be pointless. Without games, there is no reason for them to fight to keep their establishments open. Only time will tell what happens, but it is one of those things that is going to come up with a lot of fight from both sides in the near future.

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