Alabama Scandal May Not be Only Issue

There are still a lot of problems with the gambling world. Corruption is something that anti- gambling activists warned about some time ago. They believed that it would bring in more problems than good. Though legislators were eying the huge tax revenue dollars, anti- gambling activists were worried about more repercussions of allowing gambling into the market. They believe that the cost to fix problems that gambling created would be much bigger an expense than the money brought in. For example, if a casino brought in $3-million in one month, the city may have to shore up its police force to keep out criminal activity. That cost could be $1-million. What if other problems came into play though? Let’s say that the casino created a bigger occurrence of addictions and that created the need for more addiction resource centers. That cost would have to be taken out of the $3-million revenue stream too. Anti- gambling activists argue that the cost for solving problems that gambling creates is going to eat away at any viable profit that it offers. This is what legislators right now are trying to circumvent though. They want to make sure that they have the proper safeguards built into the regulatory laws.

Alabama is in the midst of a corruption trial centered on gambling. A state senator was caught on tape admitting that he needed help to get pro-gambling legislation passed and that he needed help during a difficult re-election campaign process. This is now turning ugly for the state. This is just one example of the amount of money involved in gambling and how much politicians are willing to put on the line for its movement forward. There are still many things like this to sort out for legislators. Scandals are not doing much to help the cause either. People are worried that this is going to be a chronic problem with lawmakers as they continue to expand gambling and truly see how much money is on the table.