Anne Arundel Slot Parlor in Voters’ Hands

Anne Arundel County has long been debating the issue of slot machine gambling. Now it is left in the voters hands to make the decision as to whether or not it will become a reality. Legislators have named it Question A on the ballot in November. Both sides are facing off against each other hoping that they can sway the public to their side. On one side there are those who believe an Anne Arundel’s area slot parlor will bring in the necessary funds and jobs to turn the economy of the state around. They believe that it would bring a huge benefit to all parties involved and opens the door for the state’s true economic recovery. On the other hand is the anti-gambling body. They believe that gambling would only make things more complicated. Though money will come in, it may need to be channeled into fixing problems gambling created. They hold that without the proper regulation, it could mean disaster for the state.

The entire issue comes down to the public and their vote. So far independent agencies have done various polling to find out the climate of the issue with the voting public. The numbers are split closely though and there is no telltale sign of which way they will end up officially voting. The survey showed 45% in opposition to gambling and 47% in support of it. The additional 8% are undecided as of yet. Though the survey was meant to be an indicator of what side is strongest, in the end it did little to make the necessary indicators of which side is strongest in the market. Only time will tell what is going to happen with the issue, but organizations are not leaving things to chance in the time before the vote. They are working to build up advertising campaigns that they claim is showing the “truth” as their side sees it. If the gambling public decides to vote for gambling, they will be starting a chain reaction to bring slots to the state. It may not happen right away, but it is would be a clear sign that slots are on the way to the state.