Another Big Slots Win is Handed Out

Slots are lucrative– this is a repercussion of how popular the games are. Just look at the number of slots games coming into the market and you are going to see how popular they have become. The games are unassuming. No one knew that the small games would take over the gambling market quite like they did recently. It has been a common misconception that top dollar poker tables and high-stakes blackjack tables were the real money makers. It stands to reason. If the games have a higher buy-in, why wouldn’t they be more lucrative? Las Vegas opertors recently did the numbers though, only to find out that these games weren’t as lucrative as they once thought. The operators quickly realized that it was the slots parlors that were bringing in huge dollars regularly. Sure a big poker table could bring in $20,000 in one day, but that may happen only twice a week. On the other hand, slots games can generate $10,000 in one day– every day. That means at the end of the week the big dollar poker games bring in $40,000, whereas the slots bring in $70,000. This was startling news to operators, but once they realized it, they started putting more time into developing great slots parlors. This is where the customers go and this is where the money is made.

The result is that more gamers than ever are winning huge dollar amounts from casinos at the slots parlors these days. Recently at Red Hawk Casino in California a player by the name of Mary walked away with a great win of over $167,000. She was playing slots at a game called Fortune King progressive slots game. This is a sign of where the market is going and how lucrative slots can be not only for casinos, but also for gamers. This progressive is one of those games that people love because of how easy it plays out. Red Hawk is excited because this is the most recent in a long list of payouts. The casino is becoming known for its life-changing payouts on the slots. The numbers keep getting bigger and better too.

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