Baltimore Looks to Bring Slots Gaming into Racetracks

Baltimore Maryland officials are thinking big. For a long time now the state’s Pimlico Race Course has been suffering. The numbers pre-recession were much higher than they are now and this was a way for the state to bring in that much more revenue. Of course anytime a state can bring in more money, it is a welcomed activity. Now though, that is changing. Racetracks all over the country are suffering in numbers due to the post-recessionary economy. People are having a hard time still with paying bills and the last things on their minds are working with racetracks for gambling fun. This is something that is chronic to the market and posing a lot of issues for everyone involved. Racetrack owners are trying to come up with some way to save their market altogether. They believe that without some outside intervention, they are going to easily fall through the cracks and have to be shut down one by one. That outside intervention is up for debate though. Some want the government to give them their own state-run stimulus of sorts to put into building bigger purses and more promotions. Other racetrack owners want the state to allow them to use slots gambling as a means of bringing in the funds they need to revive themselves.

Baltimore officials though have a plan for Pimlico Race Course and it involves bringing in slots gambling. It would use slots to generate more money for the race track. Then the track could take that money and turn it into their own revival of the business. There is one problem though. To do this, the state would need a plot of land directly adjacent to the racetrack where there are people living. These people would all have to be uprooted and relocated—at the city’s expense. Likely the plan is going to go forward though and legislators are working hard already on the steps needed to make the change.