Bodog Continues to Expand its Business

In the world of gambling, there are a lot of competitors. Just look at the number of new online casinos that have entered the market in the past six months. You would be surprised to see the huge number and equally surprised at the number of specials and bonuses they have to offer. Remember that with a saturated market, there is going to be a huge amount of competition. In many ways, its a gamblers’ market out there. If you want to find a great deal, most likely you are going to. Right now, Bodog is making its own moves to solidify its number one status in the market of betting. It is already known as the “world’s largest wagering brand” and has no real contenders for that title. If you look at the company’s progression over the years it has grown quickly but steadily. It’s name has risen among the ranks and overcome other companies that have not offered gaming at the quality of They were not allowed to be on the floor or brand themselves so heavily at any venue the way Bodog did.

Recently Bodog spread its wings again by taking cash wagers at the Craven Cottage event match against Manchester United. Bodog was represented with five different locations at the event and had roaming bet takers walking the venue. It was unique because this is the first time a company has been allowed to make such a presence known at an event like this and in particular, allowed to take bets on the floor of the venue. Even the company’s CEO Patrik Selin confirmed that though other companies have been taking wagers online consistently over the years, this was the first time a company was allowed entrance to the actual venue floor and patrons for solicitation of wagers. He alson confirmed that this is the beginning of a long standing affiliation between and Craven Cottage. The casino hopes to offer wagering the same way at all Fulham’s home matches in the future. It also has its sights on more games than just football in coming seasons of sporting play.

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