Boss Media Pulls out of Canada

Canada is a country that is working with online gambling laws but has yet to completely square them away. Like most countries, it has the strong pro-gambling faction and the equally as strong anti-gambling side. Both sides have good arguments, but the reality is that gambling online is a billion dollar business. Almost every country sees how lucrative it can be and wants to in some way bring gambling to its own economy for that reason. It is estimated that gambling is a $3 billion business and that number should be somewhere around $7 billion by the year 2014. It is no wonder why legislators are pushing to make it work! They know that bringing in even a sliver of that market, could mean millions of dollars to their market every month. There are few other industries that can promise this kind of consistent money to the market on a long-term basis.

Canada however is having problems. Recently Bwin, Casino Club and Paddy Power all made moves to retreat from their market. Players received an email notification that the companies were no longer accepting players from Canada. It was out of the blue and customers are wondering why they are being targeted by the ban. To add to the problem was that no clear cut reason was given as to why. The real crux of the issue though may be Boss Media. Boss Media is the owner of all three websites. The company wants to procure licensing in Canada once the country’s regulations are solidified. However, to do that they have to be careful with rules. They have to immediately stop players in the country from wagering at their full-download casinos. The way around this of course is for players in Canada to stick to the instant play portions of the casino. They can still play, but they cannot wager on existing “real money” account or at the full download casino. If they customers do start off with a new account, they can also take advantage of the 100% free money bonus that the casino is offering. Right now everyone is waiting on Canadian legislators to find out what changes they are going to make the laws. Once this happens, you can expect premiere casinos owned by Boss Media will quickly change their own regulations to accommodate the new market.