Brunson Names Eight Member of Grand Poker Team

There are big changes in the poker market these days. For example the Brunson 10 is making waves by forming a premiere team of poker professionals . At, that is just what is happening. The room just announced that they are inviting 23 year old David “Doc” Sands into their eight-member team of poker players. Of course the endeavor is the brainchild of Doyle Brunson. If you are a fan of poker at all then you have heard of that name. Doyle Brunson is a legend in the gaming world. He was born in 1933 and has played professionally for over fifty years. He was the first poker player to walk away with a WSOP, World Series of Poker, win two consecutive years. He was recently inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and has numerous books on the game in the market. Brunson is also the first poker player to win over $1 in a poker tournament and has won ten WSOP bracelets over his poker playing career.

Now that he is forming the website, it is an exciting time to see who the total players invited to join are. Expect that they all are going to be premiere players who have made waves in the market. Doyle selected each player himself and is trying to build a team of the best players around. So far—he is doing a great job of it. Included in the poker room are Dani Stern, Dan Kelly, Chris Moorman, Zachary Clark, Steve Gross, Amit Makhijah and Alex Kamberis. Now Sands is rounding out the team to make it the most viable poker playing team in the world. So far Sands has made his own reputation a great one in his short years of play. He has won $2.3 million after he managed to cash in on five different events. It is a great time in the world of poker. Players are joining in the market and making record breaking amounts. See how much fun you can have at an online poker room and keep watching professionals develop the sport further. You won’t be let down by the changes and all the advancements in the market that are happening now.

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