CA Fighting Illegal Slots Gaming Ring

California is having its own problems with gambling now. The state has quite a few casinos throughout and they are all performing well. Now there are some additional business locations taking their own shot at slots games illegally though. The problem is that people are aware of how much money slots can bring in and they are making moves to create illegal gambling rings for their own benefit. Recently officials in the state of California raided twenty different locations with the games in question. Right now the games are being offered under the guise of popular games like Tetris and Pac Man. These of course are staples in the video gambling world. They are games that have grown to levels of huge popularity in the market and are still common pastimes for many gamers. There is a new scam going on though. Now the games are being offered in disguise as the harmless video games. Over twenty locations in the state of California were caught operating the games that have a special button. This special button opens the games up to illegal blackjack and poker screens. People know how to trigger the gambling games and the location has a switch that can revert them back to their harmless counterparts whenever “danger” seems near. That could mean police, the FBI or other officials. It is akin to what was happening back in the 40s with raids on mobster locations with their illegal activities.

Twenty games were seized in the raids and more than $140,000 in illegal revenue was taken. Law enforcement officials also arrested twenty-three people who were instrumental in operations. This is a sign of how far the police and FBI are willing to go, but also of how far people are willing to go to take advantage of gambling. This kind of activity is going to crop up more and more as people truly realize how much money is to be had with gambling. This is why the police in California are most likely going to prosecute to the full extent possible to send a clear message that it won’t be tolerated.