Cake Poker Holding New October Promo

One of the fastest growing online games is poker. Consider that poker started gaining popularity a few decades ago. It was a fun game, but hardly the huge moneymaker in the gaming industry. Though it took a few years, the game eventually took off. Now if you look at the market, you are going to find a long list of poker games and tournaments. A lot of casinos create special tournaments that are held daily, weekly and monthly. Of course the less frequent ones come up with the biggest payouts, but that doesn’t mean smaller ones are any less exciting. Plus the added bonus is that if you play in tournaments, regardless of the ending payout, you are practicing your skill as a gamer and can use that in future games for better wins.

If you are in the market for a good poker tournament, then check out This is a website that specializes in online poker and has some of the best games to get in on. Right now the casino is running a multi-table event throughout the month of October that is going to give players a chance to win a daily payout of $1,000. To get in on the tournament, all you have to do is be eligible but if you are already a member of the casino, most likely that won’t be a problem. The Two for the Money is a tournament that is open to any poker player who has 100-hands or more or real money wagering at the poker tables over any given twenty-four period. Avid poker players won’t have a problem reaching this level and most likely have months ago. If you do have those one-hundred hours, then you can get right into the $1,000 event. The biggest bonus of this tournament is that it is open to players of varying skill levels, so you can easily work on your own gaming skill. The best way to get better is to play with as many gamers as possible. If you want to work on your plays, then get in on the Two for the Money tournament event at