Canada’s YMCA Holds Gambling Awareness for Kids

The rise of online gambling is bringing more problems to light. One of the main ones is how legislators can legalize gambling, but still protect children. It’s no secret that gambling companies are now targeting young people. In fact, some gambling companies are setting up booths at college sporting events throughout the US. It’s a repeat of what credit card companies did a few years back. They set up shop at college campuses and offered credit to anyone interested. The problem was that then a huge number of college-graduates left school with thousands of dollars of debt to manage.

There is a fear that the same thing may happen with gambling companies now that they are taking on the same tactics of targeting young people at the college level. For this reason Canada’s YMCA is taking necessary precautions to educate young potential gamers of the dangers of gambling. There is a program available to reach youth in Canada and it is designed to empower them with skills to make the wisest decisions regarding gambling. In particular, they are targeting online casinos because it is so easy to go overboard and casinos have made it easy to keep depositing money with the click of a mouse. A lot of online casinos are advertising: “Wager more, win more!” The YMCA states that this is one of the most detrimental bylines created by any business in the past few decades. The YMCA is committed to pointing out the realities of gambling to young people. Their spokesperson stated that she did not want to deter young people from gambling; rather, they want to deter young people from gambling carelessly. They also want them to know that advertising is not always what it seems and can be specious in reasoning. With other programs around the world to educate young people, organizaitons are hoping that they bring down the amount of problems suffered financially. If they do have a market that is suffering among young people, they also have the necessary resources to help young people get out of trouble, save their finances and overcome financial heartships.

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