Canadian Provinces Debating Gambling- Part 1

Canada is in the midst of serious changes regarding online gambling. The country is looking into legalizing online gambling and taking it as a potential way to overcome deficits and budgetary problems. The recession was difficult for the entire world. Countries everywhere are now reeling and trying to find ways of generating the billions of dollars needed to sustain budgets for the coming years and the long-term future. So far there is only one thing that is showing promise: gambling. The gambling industry is showing a huge growth with hundreds of thousands of new gamers entering the market on a daily basis. That means that countries have ways of bringing in millions of dollars. There are hardly any countries that want to say no to the potentially lucrative alternative to bring in revenue. Most are scrambling to create adequate laws and regulations to manage the addition of online gambling and land-based gambling as a means of revenue sustenance. They believe the millions potentially available are too much to pass up at a time like this with a post-recessionary economy.

Canada is just like the rest of the world in that it is debating legalizing gambling. The country is a step behind though. There are still two equally divided positions on the issue. On one side there are gambling experts who believe that legalizing gambling within the provincial governments is going to bring an increase in crime, cheating and hackers. They believe without the proper safeguards put into place, it will be difficult to manage. They also believe that the problems in themselves will create even more financial stress on the country that they then will have no way to manage. Of course on the other side is the group who believes that legalizing gambling would be a positive move for Canada. They believe that it will bring in the adequate money necessary to fund future governments but also fund any problems that arise as a result of the move. The two sides are facing off squarely and the issue is most likely going to be debated heatedly in coming months, maybe years before a formal decision is made.

Part two coming next.

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