Canadian Provinces Debating Gambling- Part 2

The question of Canadian gambling’s legalization is raging now. One of the biggest concerns is cheating. Many experts are citing that the growth in technology is offering cheaters the ability to hack into casinos or people logging in to game and find ways to use software. The rise in technology as brought many positive changes. It allows people to do more things online than ever before. Unfortunately, like everything else there are two sides to the issue of the rise in technology. There are those who know technology well and want to use it as a means of benefiting themselves through thievery. Criminologists in the Canadian area are citing that there is a notable rise in internet information theft and identity theft over the years. If online gambling in the country is legalized it could grow the possibilities for thieves to move in on the market and take advantage of them even more. The technology is there and in the wrong hands, it could be detrimental to everyone involved.

One of the recent changes that is bringing this issue to light is Ontario’s acceptance of online gambling. The province is pushing to create an adequate code to the market that will protect online gamers. They are searching for methods of heightening security in the world of online gambling and then utilizing it in the market. The market of online gambling is new and it is first coming to light right now what problems and issues are going to have to be dealt with to make it work efficiently and safely. One thing that Ontario officials stressed was that they were focusing on the safety of all online gamers. They want people to be able to log in safely, deposit their money via their bank accounts, collect payouts and never have to worry about their identity or their bank accounts. It may take time, but now that Ontario has made moves to accept online gambling, most likely other provinces within the country will make the same moves. No one knows how quickly though and that is what is going to be the only question left in legislators minds.

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