Cash Splash Pays Out Big

For anyone who wants to find the best games, look to MicroGaming for some great options. Recently a MicroGaming progressive slots game just paid out to one lucky player via the Cash Splash progressive game. At the beginning of this month, player “M.W.” managed to hit the right combination and walk away with $92,170.77. This is one of the most noteworthy wins in the history of the game. This is just one of the most lucrative payouts in recent news too.
Gone are the days when slots paid out a few dollars. In today’s market there are games that pay out a lot more than they used to. You can thank the competitiveness of the gaming world that. Since the recession online operators have gotten highly creative with their bonuses and built some that offer the biggest payouts. It’s even difficult to find the same level of payout in the Las Vegas land-based casinos. Real casinos have a huge overhead to deal with and online operators don’t have the same financial obligations to manage. For this reason online casinos can offer bigger and more frequent payouts to loyal players. It’s a great time to get into online gaming and see what is in the market.
The MicroGaming payout on Cash Splash is one that offers a lot of gaming fun and money. This is a 5-reel game that has been recently updated to offer players even more of a bonus. The game is traditional in that it features the BARS, Lucky 7s and cherries most gamers are accustomed to. The game is old school in look, but still offers the best in gaming fun. If you manage to get a good match, you can get to the bonus game with a unique scatter symbol that multiplies your total bet. It also opens the door up to an additional progressive symbol that brings you even more potential money.

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