Casino Bonus Codes

Online casinos are known for offering a great deal of bonuses and promotions. They include sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty point bonuses, and much more. Special bonuses are given out for participating in a specific tournament, playing a certain game, wagering or winning a certain amount and more. With all of those bonuses and promotions going on at a casino at the same time, many casinos use bonus codes to keep track of them.

Bonus codes are simply codes that the casino assigns to certain bonuses. They are often numeric and alphabetical in nature. While at some casinos you receive a bonus automatically upon doing the qualifying event, such as making a deposit, at other casinos you have to input the correct bonus code. The bonus codes can usually be found on the website and if it’s a sign-up bonus, it should say in a welcome email.

Casino bonus codes are also used to reward people for joining the email distribution list. Those who join the distribution list receive emails from the casino informing them about upcoming promotions, bonuses, and other necessary information. Sometimes the casinos send out emails offering bonuses to everyone on the list. To redeem the bonus, the members need to enter the bonus code that is only found in the email. In that way, the bonus is offered exclusively to people on the distribution list.

By joining the email distribution list of your favorite casinos, you will have access to the bonus codes and will be informed about the various promotions at the website. Taking advantage of those promotions is the best way to get the most of your online casino membership.

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