Casino Monte Lago Operators Still Have Hope

One casino that was thought to be a casualty of the recession was Las Vegas’ Casino Monte Lago. The casino closed its doors and was a shadow of what it used to be. No one knew for sure if a new company would come in and help it out, or if its days of profitability and customer activity were over. Now, that has been answered and a new company just came in to offer up some hope in the deal. This time it is Intrepid Gaming that is taking the helm at turning around the casino entity. The company is headed up by Jon Berkeley, the old CEO of Las Vegas Gaming, Inc. He has built his career on casino entities and knows full well how to make it all work. His expertise hopefully is going to be what helps the casino revive and regain its solid footing in the market. It may not take much since now is a great time for any casino to come up with a good play of attack. Now that the recession is officially over, companies are returning to their old ways of performing and seeing the benefit of bringing in new customers. If Casino Monte Lago can do this, it is possible for them to move up in the market and regain their market share for the future.

The casino company has long been suffering, but with the direction of Intrepid Gaming, there could be more plans for development which will only help it to become that much bigger in the market. The biggest asset companies have right now is that casino goers are visiting their locations more frequently. That was the biggest problem with the market- back at the height of the recession and just after, people cut gambling out of their entire budgets. This is what stretched gaming companies and made their survival difficult. Hopefully now that the recession is over, companies will be able to regain their popularity and start growing once again.

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