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Everyone has heard of yatzy. It is a popular dice game by the famous Milton Bradley that first came to the market in the 50s. The game’s object is to score as many points as possible by rolling five dice to make particular combinations. Dice can be rolled three times and to score, you have to get one of thirteen different variations. To score in the game, you have to work with the various point values. It is a simple game to learn and that is probably why it is a game that Hasbro, its owner now, sells 50 million games every year. Remember that in the world of gambling, looks for games and popular elements of the culture to capitalize on. They have a huge draw naturally and that makes them great games to push forward with in terms of building games around. Just look at the list of games that are popular in the market today and no doubt you are going to see a slew of them that are built off of culture. For example, there is a new Jersey Shore slot game in development right now. That is in response to the VH1 show that took off so quickly in the market.
Now with the popularity of yatzy, it’s no wonder why is releasing a new Maxi Yatzy game. This is a far advanced version of the dice game that takes the normal rules of the game and then build on them for a more intricate game to enjoy. If you like yatzy, then you are going to love Maxi Yatzy. The purpose is to score as many points as possible, just like the original. You have twenty different categories to work with too. The player can pick from six different dice instead of five. Every round brings you a starting roll and two optional rolls. The time limits in the game are 6 minutes for every roll. Overall this is a great game and if you want to test it out then get to The casino has a long list of great games and this is one of them.

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