Children Left Unattended at Casinos

One of the major problems with legalizing gambling according to opponents was the inevitable growth in crime. They believed that if gambling was legalized quickly, it would bring in crime, money laundering, corruption and addictions. They also believed it would bring in more problems that were as of yet to surface. Now, one of the offshoot problems of legalizing gambling is coming to light. This past weekend another couple were found duilty of leaving small children in their car as the parents went in to a casino to gamble. The casino was Parx Casino in Philadelphia

It was a twelve year old child who was left in a vehicle at Parx by his grandfather. The child was left in a locked vehicle that had no keys and no air on. The result of his negligence once the security team found the child was to be put in jail. He was charged with “child endangerment” and was released on $25,000 bail. Unfortunately this is not the first incident like this. In fact, at Parx alone security has already found thirteen children locked in a car while their parents go wagering into the casino. No one knows why this is such a chronis problem over the past few months or why so many parents believe it is alright to leave children unattended in a parked car. As a result, the casino is setting up signage warning parents and guardians that they can be charged if their are caught leaving children in a vehicle. They are allowed to also charge people who violate this law may be charged with seven years in prison and an overall fine of fine to pay prior to being released. Senator Robert Tomlinson is proving to be instrumental in the changes to laws on leaving children unattended. He stated that they are trying to push through legislation this month that would shore up rules. He belives that the change to “punishable by law of up to seven years in prison” is enough to deter at least some of the parents and guardians who would leave a child in the care while he or she goes to gamble.

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