China Still Banning Online Gambling

Despite the many changes in the world of gambling, some countries are still fighting off legalization. China for example is a country that is shoring up its bans on gambling online, wagering and the internet gaming industry as a whole. It is interesting to see them denying the activity especially since the population of the country is so dense. There are billions of annual dollars to be had within the borders. Though this is big business, the Chinese government is not going to be easily swayed. In fact, it is cracking down on all activities that are affiliated with gambling online. Recently when the World Cup was going on, a raid was carried out on four people who were accused of wagering on the games. Allegedly they took in over $7.5 million in US dollars due to wagering. The men were accused and now awaiting their sentencing. Since that time, the government has worked to continue its crack down on gambling and determination to make it illegal.

China is hoping that they can abolish gambling within the country and online wagering for good, which is a bad move according to some experts. They are still hoping the government will rethink its position and allow at least some gaming into the country. Still, the Chinese government is not changing its position. It holds that online wagering is “unwholesome” and “morally questionable.” It also focuses on providing a safe atmosphere online for minors, who are targeted in the government’s stand for protection. Though the move is frowned upon by many experts, the government is showing no signs of relenting. In fact, they are committed to banning gambling and making sure it is not a part of their future economy. Many countries are looking to it as a financial savior, but China is hoping to keep it out of the country entirely. So far they are doing a good job, but not without criticism. Some experts believe that without the big dollar returns gambling can offer, they are in danger of failing as a financial entity altogether. The Chinese government however does not see it this way and is committed to managing without the help of online gambling or wagering of any kind.

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