City Center Continues to Grow

If you are looking for something to do in Las Vegas you definitely should schedule your own time at City Center Aria Resort and Casino. This is a location that came into the market with a lot of hoopla and has proven to be one of the best additions to the area in a long time. The center was planned a few years ago and too much criticism by experts. It was at the beginning of the recession that it all came together and sales were dismal for the first few months as a result. People noted that it may have been the wrong thing altogether for the developers to put together. It was a multi-billion-dollar complex that was aggressively marketed. It included a 150,000 square foot casino floor with over 2,000 different gaming machines to take advantage of. There are seventeen different restaurants and a hotel with over 4,000 rooms to it. The center is full-service and also offered many different condo locations for sales too. This is what was criticized- whether or not it would be lucrative or it was wise to make this kind of investment at a time when the market was at such an overwhelming low. The location suffered for a good portion of the recession with low sales of the condominiums and the casino locations. This seems to be turning around now though.

If you look at the changes now, there are plenty of additions to the area that are bringing in a huge draw. The gambling center is doing particularly well due to the vast array of games to enjoy. People love diversity now and that means that they are going to enjoy this location for hours of fun. The attached premiere hotel is something that is also bringing in patrons. There are plenty of events in the Las Vegas area that people who aren’t even planning on playing at City Center still are looking for the fantastic amenities that it offers. This is a huge draw and now the center’s directors are just looking to continue bringing in investors who want to buy their condos. This is likely going to be a huge turnaround time for the center and they are expecting to see more revenue in coming months.

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