Cryptologic Releases Two Games

If you have been gaming for any length of time then most likely you have heard of the name Cryptologic. The company is one of the best in terms of creating new games to enjoy. It specializes in premiere games that combine visual appeal, games within games and outstanding gaming experiences. Over the years, there have been a few companies that have made a name for themselves with outstanding gaming and Cryptologic is one of them. The company recently released two new games and they are still creating a buzz in the market because of how well they are performing for the company.

Area 51 is the first game. It is in line with the well-known Area 51 where aliens supposedly touched down on earth, or at minimum the government is doing experiments on alien life. The location was Roswell, New Mexico and now you can lay the game online with some added alien fun. There are twenty-five paylines in this game and that is huge because it means that you have a great opportunity to keep on making winning combinations. If you manage to get to the bonus game, then you are really going to be in on some fun. You can test your luck in the bonus game because it is a variation of blackjack. Once you get this screen to open, you can test your luck at getting the card value to twenty-one, but not over, and see if you can walk away with the extra bonus prize.

The second game released was Batman. This is a game that is the product of Cryptologic’s affiliation with Marvel Comics and all of their character superheroes. If you love a blast from the past, then these could be the perfect game for you. There are fifty paylines with this game and it comes along with a re-spin feature too. The bonus game is a mega-fight with inmates at the Arkham Asylum as Batman tries to find and stop the Joker. You also can trigger the 100x multiplier if you get to the special bonus. Either game offers a lot of gaming fun and Cryptologic’s expertise at creating games really comes out with each one.

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