Do High-Priced Systems for Gaming Work?- Part 2

  • Games of luck. Games of luck are just that– dictated by randomness.  There is nothing you can do to affect what happens in a game of luck. You roll the dice or spin the reels and whatever comes up, comes up. For example, a slots game is completely a luck based game. When you spin the reels by pulling the lever or hitting the button, you automatically trigger the Random Number Generator, or RNG. This is what is going to dictate what you get on the reels and how the symbols line up, or don’t. You can’t do anything to affect them or change the outcome. Though there are people who swear that if you spin faster or slower you are going to change our outcome, that isn’t true. The RNG is the only thing that dictates what is going to happen with the games.

So once you figure out what game you want to play, then you have to categorize it into a game of skill or a game of luck. If it is a game of luck, forget about finding any type of strategy to play it. Forget about affecting the outcome or any type of system to help you win. These games are solely for fun. Part of that fun is that if you do manage to by luck get the right combination, you are going to win the payout. On the other hand, if the game youwant to play is a game of skill, then you could find some strategies to follow. It is best to do a little research on these games and get a good strategy down. For example, if you want to delve into poker play, read some experts moves and watch some games. Get a feel for how professional players manage the table. It could help you in your next tournament. This is where strategy and high-priced systems may help you. Of course, make sure that the price is not beyond what you can afford and be sure that you know what your limits are, but then test them out. See if any of them feel right for you and start working. Sometimes with games of skill though, the best thing is to juts keep practicing and do your own studying in the actual game as you are playing.

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