Do “Slots Experts” Really Exist?

If you do a search for “online slots” most likely you are going to see more than a few online “experts” who claim they have the secret to winning. In every market there are people who deem themselves experts. Regardless of what you are looking for, you are going to see the people who for a small, or sometimes large, fee will offer you the key answer to your problem. For example, let’s say you want to build a doll house. You can go online and find a list of experts who offer their own take on what to do, what steps to take, how to get the job done and where to buy supplies. These can be very helpful if you are a first-timer, but the word “expert” isn’t always applicable. In the world of slots you are going to see people who claim to be “experts” and for $29.99 they will let you in on their “winning secrets.” But can you trust them?

The answer here is “no.” When it comes to “experts” they have to be affiliated with things that have a strategy to them. There are poker experts because poker games have strategy. Players can hone their skill and get better, thus increasing their chances of winning. There are blackjack experts because blackjack games also have strategies. Players can work on theirs and earn more wins. But slots are not like poker or blackjack. Slots have no strategy and are based solely on luck. Reasonably, how can you strategize luck? You can’t. Luck is either with you as a gamer, or it isn’t. There is no strategy that is going to increase your chances of a win, much less give you a “100% shot of winning” as some “experts” claim. If someone tells you that they have a sure-fire slots strategy, most likely it is attached to a fee. They are trying to sell a product or consulation. Slots are the games that you just play for fun. You either get lucky with them, or you don’t. Don’t make it harder than it should be. Just enjoy the games and have fun– there isn’t much more to slots than that.

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