Dotty’s Still Creating Challenges for NV

There are more problems for Nevada’s gaming situation and this time it is coming down to differing levels of taxation. Casinos throughout the state bring in millions of dollars every week. They also contribute a huge portion of that money to the state. This is a system that has worked well for decades now and even the recession couldn’t stop the machine from working, although it did slow down at the height of the financial downturn. The reason that casinos are able though to operate their gambling games is due to their gaming licenses from the state. In exchange for the gambling possibilities, they pay the state a huge portion of what they bring in. The cog in the machine though is a chain of restaurants called Dotty’s. This is a chain that allows slots gambling, but is working under a limited gaming license called a “restricted” license. As a result of that title, the establishments get to contribute only a fraction of what casino operations do to the state. Casino operators in the state are not happy with this. They believe that if the location is allowed offer slots gambling, they should be working with the same taxation laws. Dotty’s is allowed to keep over eighty-percent of its overall revenue, when the casinos operating are allowed to keep only about thirty to forty-percent.

This is cause for a huge legal debate right now. Dotty’s currently is being forced to change up its slots gambling and modify its chains and how they offer the games. Dotty’s owners though are not going along with the changes. They believe that the modifications requested by the state are unrealistic and next-to impossible for them to maintain. This is an issue that is not dead though—by any means. Both Dotty’s owners and the casino markets in the state are fighting it out and trying to come up with the proper regulations to work with. Only time will tell what eventually happens with the issue though but a decision is expected within the next few weeks.