Drinking and Gaming

It seems that drinking and playing casino games go hand in hand. No one knows this better than casino operators. They know that even the strictest gambler most likely isn’t going to be that strict after a few drinks. There is a reason why alcohol is handed out politely and freely by waitstaff. Most people love free drinks and getting them when gaming is one of the perks of a good gaming session. Still, casino owners are taking that to a new level now. Caesar’s Casino and Resort announced recently that it is planning on building a menu and an ordering system right into the games. People will soon be able to order drinks from ther slot machines. They used to have to wait for waiters and waitresses to circle the floor, but no longer. This possibly is a testament to how our world has changed. Now people want what they want when they want it- immediately. This is part of the reason why the internet is so popular. People can find whatever they want with a few clicks of a button. Then, when they find it, they can have it immediately shipped directly to their homes or places of work. It makes things much easier because going to a land based retail outlet can creat other problems. Retail outlets may not have the right size or color or style. Normally when customers order online, they are ordering from the main factory so the chances of something being totally unavailable is much slimmer. This is the same theory Caesar’s operators are using to justify putting ordering capabilities right into the games.

This could cause more people to wager longer and that is exactly what casino operators are hoping for. They want gamers to get comfortable. The basic rule of thumb is to keep gamers happy and playing for as long as possible. This is the easiest way to keep the money coming in. The casino is going to introduce the new software and this could be coming as soon as the next few months. It most likely will take off with other casinos and ordering drinks will be simpler than ever.

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