EU Tries to Unify Member Countries

Over the past years, the EU has had a goal of unifying gambling laws throughout member countries. It hasn’t been an easy task though and some countries are giving a more difficult time than others. The biggest hold up is for countries to uphold the fair trade laws. In this law, companies are allowed to cross market from one country’s borders to another. Unfortunately, when it comes to gaming, some countries have not been welcoming of this law. The reason is because gambling offers the opportunity for millions, even billions of dollars. Countries see how lucrative the games are and want to keep their markets to themselves. They in essence want to create monopolies where they can market their own gambling companies to their own people and not have to send money out of the country. Unfortunately, this is what the free trade agreements are about. There has to be an open border for all countries that are member states of the EU. They have to allow other companies in and allow their people to buy products outside their self-owned roster.

The Danish government is one that has brought up some concerns with the EU as of late. Recently the government put together some laws regarding online gambling and submitted them for approval. The EU immediately had issues with their law and has requested that parliament revisit the laws and reword them so they are in line with the EUs own edicts. Mainly the EUs problems though are with how the Danish government sees the transition from land-based gaming to online gaming and how the tax laws are written for the change. The government wants to be able to tax and license all online casinos in its country and to be able to grow that taxation over the next ten years. The EU is concerned that the tax rates are too hefty for Danish online casinos to handle and will force them out of the market to places like Gibraltar where historically casinos have been able to set up their online organizations relatively quickly and without huge price and unmanageable tags.

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