Fire and Ice Party London Feb 4 2020

Lyceum’s Fire & ICE party is ready and will be coming to the gambling world on the 4th of February through 8th 2020 .

If you love fun, then this is the place to be. It is the annual event that always promises to surprise and entertain its many guests.

This year, the show will feature over-the-top stage performances depicting a variation of “Rhythm & Beats”. The iGaming peers will get to enjoy a 3 course meal by the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay riverside gastropub.

This is an event produced by Lyceum Media, an exclusive production for the iGaming executive and affiliates IGB Affiliate London for the online gambling industry  which it is considered the world’s largest iGaming Affiliate Event located ExCel London.

If you are looking for something special to do, then this could be the perfect thing. Bigger than ever, which means that organizers have had enough time to build it up into a premiere entertainment event.

This is why there is expected to be a full house for the room. People who want to be dazzled by the dramatic performance and the fun organized by Clarion Gaming. The company is sponsoring the event along the way.

This is a VIP event that fills the room with high- stakes gamers who want to socialize at the VIP tables.

The event closes with delegates from the London Affiliates Conference converging on the event.

Another sponsor is 888, along with 1XBet and others. The event is going to be a showcase of what the gambling market is doing right now.

In addition to games, operators have put millions of dollars into developing their entertainment schedules.

This is a great way to not only bring in new customers, but also to build up a name for their companies. This is a great way to capitalize on the interest in the market right now and continue to grow.

People understand that gambling companies offer games, but now they are realizing they can have hours of additional fun with the various shows and events that are being hosted.

Also- top events get top-dollar sponsors which only means that they are going to be that much more extravagant and fun for the casual gambler.