Florida Expanding Gambilng Plans

Florida is the latest state making a move to become a gambling hub in the US. Now that the traditional areas of the US are waning with gambling numbers, it is leaving the door open for other states to make their best play for the top position. Florida officials have long been debating the possibilities they have with gambling. They already approved gambling in two main counties in the state and so far have felt nothing but a great advantage due to the move. They are now pushing for more gambling development within the state. Legislators have just created a new bill that would allow for five new gambling facilities to be built around the state. The goal would be to increase tourism and increase the number of new jobs that are available to locals. These two advantages are enough to push legislators to make the decision for the bill. They know that it is going to take some doing to have it approved though because some people are still anti-gambling. That section though is quickly dwindling. A new research survey is showing that most residents believe that there are advantages that outweigh any concern over expanding gambling. This could be the first real step towards the approval of the bill. If enough voters are in support of it, it could be easier to approve than originally anticipated.

This is also a way for the state of Florida to come up with their own gambling center for the entire US> Now that Atlantic City and Las Vegas both have made missteps with gambling, it is leaving the door open for other states to push for expansion. If they can bring premiere gaming they can build up their own gambling Meccas and make them that much more exciting for the gamers who venture out to gamble. They will soon know that Florida is a center where they can find premiere gaming and it is close enough that it is attainable for everyone.

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