France Now has iPoker Network

In the world today online gambling is taking over. Almost every country is in the midst of some type of negotiation for legalizing and/or regulating online gambling. France is just like the rest and now a new website is coming into the market that will allow citizens to game in their native language. Playtech is the company that is bringing a poker network to the country. It is iPoker network that is licensed by the French Parliament and authorities are now writing regulations that will govern the hobby within the area. The reason Playtech is instrumental in the change is that it, along with four other companies JOA, Tranchant, Casino du Golfe and Chili Poker, have teamed up with a direct intention to garner licensing within the French borders.

Over the past few months regulation of online gambling has become a hot topic. Everywhere legislators see how lucrative the pastime is and want to bring it into their market as a means of generating top-dollar revenue. Consider that the recession of the past two years left millions of people at a loss and government budgets suffered also. Now, every country is facing huge deficits and trying to find creative ways to manage their budgets without further cut-backs and changes in coming years. Gambling is one of the few options that offers a viable solution to the issue and can bring in billions of dollars if regulated properly. This is why it is such a priority for so many legislators as they move forward with debates.

If you love poker, then you are going to love what is going on in the market and namely in France. Now the iPoker network is coming to life and going to offer gamers some great poker gaming. Chili Poker is the first company that is operating with the iPoker network but there are soon to be more companies working off the network to promote online gambling and to bring in revenue. The French market is a lucrative one where a lot of gamblers have voice their desire to have a home-based set up where they can wager and win.

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