Gilligan’s Island Slots Game

If you love slots games, then why not test out the new Gilligan’s Island game? This is one that comes with all the old characters and sceneries to watch. You are going to love playing along everyone from the Professor to the Skipper in this game. This is a five-reel game that has thirty paylines to it. The game itself is a cute one because of the chances it offers for you to win more. Having thirty paylines working with you as you wager is going to offer you a great shot of walking away from the game with a great payout. This is a game that is reminiscent of your childhood. No doubt, like millions of other young people, you grew up with Gilligan’s Island. The television show offered hours of series fun seeing the castaways go through various antics on their own secret island. There was the professor, Maryanne, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, Gilligan and the Skipper. All of the characters held his or own special contribution to the show and created antics that entertained millions of viewers. This game is not only cute though. It also offers a progressive slots game payout. You are going to love to get a chance at the big win, which normally is around $200,000 in jackpot. The wager range for this game is from one penny up to $3 so it is a highly affordable game.

This game starts off with Gilligan narrating the movie and he gives you a great idea of how the game is going to go. There are tons of animations with this game and they are all entertaining and fun. In this game there is the Gilligan’s Island Slots Shipwreck bonus too. All you need is to get three or more of the “shipwreck” symbols lined up on the screen and you get to it. in the game, you pick from a selection of items and that leads to even greater multipliers for you to win. There is the Castaway Cash bonus game too. Here you get to play for bonus icons. You pick and earn multiplier options and some free spin chances too. Overall this is a cute game that should offer you hours of gaming fun.

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