Hall and Oates Join Table Mountain Casino

If you love music, then you are going to love the changes that are coming about at Table Mountain Casino, just outside of Fresno California. President of the location John Mayewski just released a statement citing how the casino is excited to bring Hall and Oates in. They are premiere entertainers and were named the “Number One Selling Duo in Music History” recently. They have had over twenty years of hits in the market and now they are tying themselves to gaming entertainment at the casino. Starting September 29th of this year the duo will be performing at the casino for a very moderate price of $25-$45, depending on seating location.

If you are a frequenter of land-based casinos then you know that their numbers have suffered as of late. Because of this, operators are looking for new ways to spur the economy. They want to create promotions and specials that people won’t be able to refuse. Just do a search of land-based casinos and most likely you are going to see a long list of promotions. From huge payouts and jackpots, to half priced meals and shows, the operators of casinos are working hard. Now is a great time to get in on the promotions and do your best to combine them if you can. For example, many casinos are attached to hotels. That means if you get lucky you can win a free hotel stay, or at minimum a heavily discounted stay. Combine that with a top-dollar blackjack payout, free meal and entry to their premiere entertainment for the night and you can’t go wrong! The Table Mountain Casino is just like the others- it is working to bring new entertainment in as an added draw for gamers. So far the casino has already hosted Chicago, Jason Aldean, Harry Connick Jr., Rob Thomas, Melissa Etheridge, Lohn Legend, Counting Crows, Bonnie Raitt and Jewel. They have a long list of performers who have amped up the night’s entertainment in an effort to bring in a new clientele. Take advantage of these special nights and go to your local land-based casino for fun. Most likely the operators have created a full night of fun for any gamer who enters their doors!

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