Harrah’s Entertainment Gives Back to Community

In today’s business world it isn’t uncommon for companies to share their wealth with various organizations that benefit charity, education, childhood development and/or medical research funding. Not only are some of them tax breaks, but they also help to build a business’ good name in the community. Harrah’s Entertainment is joining in on the fun by sponsoring the Teacher EXCHANGE. Harrah’s Entertainment and the Harrah’s Foundation are founding members of the organization and have spent months collecting school supplies for donations. The casino heads just hosted a private event last week that benefited the Clark County School District teaching staff.

It was a stellar event due to its success. Teachers were celebrating back to school and classrooms were benefiting from the donations and drives that were held. One of the best ways for businesses to make their sure mark on communities is to help out and education is a primary concern. Now that the recession brought many education budgets to a stand still school districts are more than welcome to find options for funding. Helping out with supplies is one way that they can bring in the necessayr items without straining their own budgets, or forcing parents to take on the added cost. By Harrah’s Entertainment and Harrah’s Foundation making such a considerable contribution to the world of education, they are easing the strain off of many different entities involved. Teachers know that they are going to have the supplies needed to teach children adequately throughout the school year and the summer school session following. Students are going to have what they need to excell and learn. Parents will be confident that their children are well provided for without straining their own bank accounts. By focusing on education, businesses are also focusing on the leaders of tomorrow. This is one of the primary ways to solidify a better generation of teachers– to put resources into building the children of today and support them with as many resources as possible. Harrah’s will continue to support education with more programs throughout the year for children to benefit from and teachers to enjoy.

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