Hollywood Casino Performs Well for Maryland

The gambling industry is looking for good news and it has come to the Hollywood Casino in Perryville Maryland. The casino just opened a few weeks ago to much advertisement and promotion. Fortunately the slots parlor ended up living up to the overall hype and has been performing quite well for the past few weeks. On opening day there were thousands of people lined up to visit the casino. Locals wanted to test out the slots parlor after hearing of how the casino’s operators sought out the best games on the market. there were over 1,500 to pick from and gamblers knew that with that amount, they would surely find some they enjoyed and some that paid out big. That’s exactly what happened opening day and that was enough to bring more visitors in and first-day visitors back. Overall it was a good time for everyone. The return on machines was up to $346 a day and that was a good increase from the projected daily payout of just $210. When visitors heard that the payout was so much higher than anticipated they quickly committed to visiting the casino as often as possible.

The casino was opened by Penn National Gaming, a company that is well versed in creating casinos. It has had huge success in the market and proved to be just the asset the city needed to bring the plan to successful fruition. So far Hollywood Casino has brought in $2 million in one month’s operation and Penn National is going to walk away with just over $680,000. Another $1 million is already earmarked by the state to go directly to funding education. It is no wonder why the state’s legislators were pushing so hard for the casino—they know that it could be the one thing that helps them to continue growing the market and funding various programs needed. There were serious budget cuts to deal with and now those cuts may be put off, or at minimum cut back on. Overall Hollywood Casino is a smashing success for its market and signs are pointing to its continued aiding a true turnaround for all parties involved.

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