Holyfield Set to Appear at Poker in the Park

If you love poker and boxing you are going to love the latest promotion entering the market. Poker in the Park this year is set to bring heavyweight champion Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield to the gambling world. Lucky fans can meet the boxing legend at the annual festival. It is being organized by Bluff Europe and Poker in the Park has become one of the largest poker events in the world.

 This year it is set to happen at London’s Leicester Square on September 2nd and 3rd. The event’s organizers are anticipating the arrival of over 20,000 poker fanatics to join in on the fun. With the announcement of Holyfield joining in on the fun, expect players to have an added incentive to come to the event. Holyfield has long been a fan of the game of poker and recently has become involved with various poker events throughout the market. He will help to demonstrate the software currently being used by RealDealPoker.com. The website is contracting Holyfield who also is the “Real Deal” to be their spokesperson and he is doing a great job of making public appearances for the casino website. The new software is innovative in that it duplicates a live game by substituting the RNG, or random number generator, with actual casino cards from a deck. Casino operators noted that this is an interesting time in the market. Now poker is gaining such a mainstream appeal that sports teams and sports figures are longing to move into the market as spokespersons and sponsors. There was a time when players wanted nothing to do with poker gambling. Now that the hobby has grown to be a mainstream staple in the world of gaming, sports figures are thinking twice. Now, they are looking to couple up worth various online casinos and formulate great promotional packages and specials. They know that there are millions of players who join in on the fun and want to promote themselves on the tail of that newfound interest. If you love poker and boxing, then this is a great year to get in on Poker in the Park.

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