How to Pick a Good Casino- Part 2

  • Bonuses. Once you pick the casinos you may want to try, compare their overall bonus structures. You want to make sure you know what they are offering in terms of start up and long-term bonuses. Sure a good start-up bonus can benefit you at the beginning, but you normally only collect on that once. You want another bonus that is going to grow with you. As you continue to wager, you want a casino that offers you more and more returns. This won’t be hard to find. You first want to find a casino with a great start-up bonus. Usually this means a matching bonus. For example, a casino may advertise a “100% match bonus upon sign up of up to $750.” This means that you get double whatever real money you deposit. The VIP bonus is another seperate bonus that normally is tiered. As you work your way up the tiers, you earn more and more back. Usually VIP bonuses have about five levels to work your way through. These offer you points and you turn them in. When you turn them in, you can get coinage, added merchandise or various comps. Bonuses are changing with the market and there are more out there to enjoy.
  • Additional bonuses. One newer bonus is the cash-back bonus. This is a newer style of bonus that reimburses you for money you lose. The terms normally are pretty specific, so be sure to read all the terms and understand the conditions of the bonus. You want to make sure that it truly benefits you. Normally the cash-back amount is anywhere between ten to fifteen percentage points of your losses over a certain amount of time. For example, a casino may say it offers you a 10% return on losses over one month if you wager over $500. If you lose $350, you get $35 credited back to your account at the end of the month.

Overall casinos today are more competitive than ever and that makes it a gambler’s market. You can do a search and spend some time looking for the best casino for you to wager at, but most likely you are going to find it relatively easily. The choices are vast and pretty much anything you want to to find you are going to if you search hard enough.