IGT and Bally Gaming Inc Face Off

The world of gaming is highly competitive and that is putting companies on edge. They all know that without a clear cut market share they are going to continue to lose the fight of what company is the top earner in the coming years. That is why so many companies are fighting so hard for the title. The world of online gambling is a $3 billion business and that is estimated to more than double by the year 2014. With numbers like this, it is no wonder why gaming companies are pushing so hard for their own part of the gambling pie. It may mean future survival for them if they can build up a market share. For example, two companies that have been fighting it out for the past few years are IGT and Bally Gaming, Inc. They are both highly respected companies in the market and are showing exceptional signs of growth. They are building unique software for gaming companies and staking their own claim to its ownership. The fight between the two began with IGT suing Bally Gaming Inc for copyright infringement. IGT maintained that the company used their proprietary programming to build a wheel-based slots game. They lost this fight, but then Bally Gaming Inc made its own petition for legal attack.

Bally Gaming tried its own hand at suing, but in the end lost the move thanks to the US Court of Appeals. In the end the Court of Appeals overturned all the actions that were on the side of Bally Gaming, Inc. IGT ended up winning this battle. Don’t think that this is the end of the bitter battle though—most likely the two are going to continue going toe to toe against each other. They are billion-dollar companies and have the motive to fight hard to protect their market shares. In the end there are many changes when it comes to wagering, but companies are not going to sit down or take defeat lightly. There is just too much at stake for that to happen so expect the fight to get monumental in the near future. IGT and Bally Gaming Inc have the funds to fight it out and most likely, will.

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