IL Senate Bill 0744 for Gambling Expansion

Illinois legislators are debating bringing a new casino bill to the market. Illinois Senate Bill 0744 is on the table right now and it would drastically expand gaming in the state. Right now Rockford Illinois legislators are the biggest proponents of the gaming expansion bill. The market has been depressed—as have other markets around the country—but Rockford legislators believe that this could be their biggest shot at turning things around. There are few other activities in the economy right now that could bring in the same amount of money that gambling does. It is a multi-billion dollar market already and that is set to more than double in the next three years. This is why legislators are so excited about it and looking for more ways than ever to capitalize on its growth in the future. Right now legislators cannot pass up the monetary possibilities that gambling offers them. Bill 0744 is the first step Illinois legislators are looking to push through now. The benefits of gambling expansion in Rockford would be great. First of all, the money would be a huge advantage. The market is hampered by the deficit and the problems with spending it has had. Having a casino in the city could bring in millions of dollars every month to help turn its financial state around.

The other advantage is the amount of jobs that could be created by a good gambling initiative. Job creation is still holding many markets back. They are reviving but with people still out of work, it is happening that much slower. This is why job creation is such a huge thing right now. It has the power to get that many more people back into the economy and regular spending habits. The Bill 0744 is now on the table and likely is going to be pushed through for the coming year. This is something that few legislators can debate- gambling is big business so why should they pass it up?