IL Still Struggling with Adequate Gaming Law- Part 2

States are taking it upon themselves to regulate online gambling and Illinois is pushing for change along with them. Legislators in the state believe that they have a great shot at using online gambling to push their finances forward to a better position. Remember too that all states– including Illinois– are hampered by the aftermath of the recession. They are worried about their own positions due to the difficult period. Now though that experts cite the recession as officially “over” it is time to look forward to change and improvement. Illinois legislators want to make gambling a huge part of that and capitalize on the possibilities of wagering dollars. There are already plenty of racetracks in the state and they are all suffering. The hope is though that they can bring in more gambling in the form of slots to these locations and revive their attendance records. With numbers down, it is impossible for them to turn things around, but slots could be what they need. Illinois legislators are debating allowing them to convert to racinos in the future. This would allow them to bring in more people and thus create bigger purses for their races. This is something that likely would help to elevate the amount of revenue that they overall would bring in. This is a major part of the gambling changes that the state is going through right now.

In addition, the state’s legislators are also considering a new downtown gambling location. This would be one of the premiere gaming areas for the state to work with. It would shift a lot though and it not without its own controversy as a result. Other locations where gambling is offered are not happy about the proposed downtown casino– believing it to be a huge competitor for their own gaming facilities. Right now Illinois legislators are contemplating the change though and trying to come up with ways to make the most of gambling dollars but still keep everyone happy with the changes. This could take time, but the return is millions of tax revenue dollars.