Illegal Gaming Still being Targeted

Illegal operation of video gambling machines has been increasing throughout the US. Now it is Georgia officials who are dealing with the problem. Illegal gaming machines are all over because of the nature of the games. Unlike table games, video slots and slots in general need no minute-to-minute attendance. You can set up a machine and then let it run 24-hours a day with little attention other than emptying out the hopper now and then. The problem with unregulated games though is twofold: it robs the state of it fair share of the revenue in taxes and it puts gamblers at risk for scams. If a game is unregulated, then the operator of the business can (and normally does) tamper with the machine’s payout percentage. Normally when a person uses these types of games, they are not in it for serious gaming play. They are there to take a few spins while they wait for their product or service. A lot of truck drivers use the games to pass time if they are ahead of their driving schedule. This is how gamers feed the games their money, and never pay much attention to winning. The store offering the games cleans up though! They have a way of bringing in money without ever having to pay out when people buy their chances at a good win. The games are unregulated so no one checks up on the games to make sure they are fairly operating. This is an issue for the gaming world and now Georgia officials are putting their efforts into stopping it.

The state of Georgia is vowing to come down on various convenience stores that are operating the games illegally. Their goal is to remove the games and then continuously check the establishments with them. They know that illegal gaming is happening and they want to stop it due to the many problems it creates. If they can get a handle on the rampant illegal gaming going on, then they can start their own legal gambling initiatives and use the games with regulations in place. These regulations are going to help the state to maximize their money, but also protect gamers who love video slots games.

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