Illegal Underage Gaming Still a Problem for Online Casinos

One thing that is still plaguing the gambling market is underage gambling. There are rules every state is working under and most have strict age laws when it comes to wagering. Online Casinos do their best to keep underage gamblers out, but it is a growing problem.

There have been numerous incidents of gaming infractions when it comes to age limits though. One of the main things that anti- gambling activists are worried about now is the underage being protected. They are concerned with land- based gaming due to the chance that the underage enter a casino and wager. In incidents recently, underage patrons were able to get into the casino, onto the gaming floor and wager for twenty-minutes or more. This is bad news for casinos because it means that they are under strict penalties if they allow underage gamblers to wager.

So how do they keep fines and penalties away? Security teams have to be more vigilant when it comes to checking in patrons. Many times people are free to wander onto the gaming floor off of the other entertainment based areas. They can also enter a casino from off the street or from a musical venue. These stations all have to be manned better and people moving around the casino have to be marked. Some casinos use bracelets to make sure that the people on the actual gaming floor are all over-age and legal to wager. This is something that is necessary, but it isn’t foolproof.

In a few instances over the past few months, underage patrons were able to wager and it was only after they won that they were caught. This is where the casino gets into more trouble. They then have to pay the huge fines, and tell the patrons that they haven’t won the jackpot that they thought they did. This creates a lot of problems and lawmakers are trying to shore up the rules. Unfortunately, for casinos this means that they are building up the fines that they have to pay. This not a viable option for casinos to work with, due to how much money they have to payout as a result.

In the future the casinos are going to have to shore up their own rules; if they don’t they could end up losing a lot of their revenue, or being closed down, as a result.