Irish Open Coming to Players

If you are a serious poker player then no doubt you have heard about the Irish Open. This is one of the top poker tournaments in the market right now- and for good reason.

Though it started small, it has risen to be one of the number one “gets” by various poker players all over the world.

It is a lot like the WSOP, World Series of Poker, or WPT, World Poker Tour, in that it brings together the best of the best to take their shot at the big payouts offered. If you love to play the game, then why not take a shot at the big dollars? There is no better way to do just that than to get in on a good tournament like this one.

When it comes to big tournaments you just have to bring some skills to the table, along with some quick play. Remember that tournaments normally are much faster paced than regular games are.

You are going to have to think quick on your feet at a top-dollar tournament. This is true of all the big name events out there.

The one drawback that you may find is that these events can be costly. If you want in on a multi-million dollar paying tournament, you are going to have to pay the money necessary for the buy-in. This can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. This is why some players have a hard time getting in on the big tables- they don’t have the bankroll to buy into them. There is a solution though.

A lot of big tournaments offer satellites. These are small tournaments that can easily be bought into. Their cost is much lower and players can easily work with them and then use their skills to earn a seat at the big table.

This is exactly what is doing. The website is offering two different satellite tournaments and the winners are going to earn their seat in the Irish Open 2019.

This is happening on April 15th of this year so the satellites are coming up soon too.

The normal buy-in for the event is €3,500 but with the satellite, lucky and smart players can get in on the fun for just €165.