Jersey Shore Reaches Gambling Floor

If you want further proof that gambling is growing in popularity, then consider the rise of pop culture and gambling. Take a look at “Jersey Shore.” The popular MTV show was concocted as a reality TV show that follows “guidos” and “guidettes” throughout their nightlife conquests. They boast their Italian heritage and partying ways as a normal lifestyle for them. Though it claims to be close to the world of Italians, many state that it’s a funny caricature of what Italian life is really like.

The presumed popularity of the show moved into the world of gambling. Doron Ofir Casting company held an open casting call last month at Harrah’s Resort located in Atlantic City. The company expected the event to bring in hundreds of Italian hopefuls and make a strong promotional show. It advertised on radio, TV and billboards by welcoming all Italian or Italian-looking hopefuls to come in and try out their skills as reality TV personalities. Though the promotions were there, the event proved to be a huge bomb. In the end, not even ten people showed up and hardly offered enough personality for producers to choose from. Gaming analysts noted that events that fail are just what cities do not need right now.

Atlantic City suffered due to its main reliance on gambling as a means of revenue generation. Operators of casinos in the area have been working hard to reinvigorate the market. Though it may take some time, it still is not out of the question that gambling as a money-making market will hopefully turn around. Though the Jersey Shore promotion failed, that doesn’t mean that other promotions will. It may be reflective of how weak the show is as a time-tested staple of modern pop culture, but not indicative of where gambling is going. It will take time, but Atlantic City has many other tricks up its sleeve. Expect many more promotions that are even more carefully constructed than this one. Most likely more than a hand full of them will be highly successful and help turn the market around for the better.

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