Job Market for Casino Workers Changing

There was a time when casino workers were treated like second class citizens. Though they got wages, those wages came with very little, if any, perks. Consider when you are looking for a job, what you look for. When the average worker looks for a job, they want money, health care, vision and dental, vacation and overtime considerations. Not that they get all of them, but it is not uncommon to find either. Though they understand that jobs aren’t always full package in benefits, they still search out the beest ones for their own needs. In the casino market though, things used to be vastly stifled. With a good casino job, workers could expect wages. Period. No benefits were ever discussed, and neither were overtime hours. It was a menial job at best. That is about to change though.

Recently workers in East Chicago decided to group up and change things. They formed their own Union to address issues of work conditions and pay. Their hopes were to elevate their own jobs and bring a new vision to the casino worker. No longer would they ahve to settle for just wage, but would be looked at as workers on the same level as others. They petitioned as a union for health care and overtime pay. They made history by receiving it. It took a while, but now workers at Ameristar are going to enjoy the fruit of their labors and be on the same level as others. This could be an instumental change in the world of gambling employees and change their futures for the better. Most likely now that this union has been so successful for Ameristar employees, it will bring about more changes for other casino groups. They will follow suit and form their own Unions where they can petition for their rights and added benefits packages. This is a sign of how quickly the market is moving and how gambling is moving into the mainstream. No longer is gambling a niche market, but rather it is coming to be a respected and valued participant in the current economy.

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