Kansas Colliseum May Be New Gambling Center

The state of Kansas is like the others in that it is suffering financially. The state’s legislators are scampering for changes and believe that a good slots parlor could bring in the money needed to maybe not completely save the economy, but definitely put a notable dent in their deficit. It may take time though because the state has to vote on the issue; namely it is the Sedgwick County Commission that needs to make changes and right now they have three open seats. The holders of those three seats are going to be privileged to make changes in the state regarding slots. If they band together with the rest of the commission, they could push slots through to official implementation. There are hefty debates over who is going to get those seats as they are powerful decision makers in the state’s economy. They can make the changes that former legislators have never been able to. The issue of slots gaming has been on the table in Kansas for years now, with debates raging on both sides as to why they are right. Now this final seating of three commission members could be the telling situation for making a final decision on the issue.

What is in question is the Kansas Coliseum Pavilions, which has been used for big-name events in the past. It can be altered to hold up to 12,000 people and is a huge facility. Right now it stands empty with few scheduled events. It is the prime location for gamers to visit and a slots parlor there would be a definite money maker for the state. It could potentially bring in millions of dollars every month if it is done right. This is why the holders of those last three seats are so important to the market. They hold the power to change things and can push slots to the market. If it is pushed through, slots gaming could save yet another economy from diminished numbers and suffering. Only time will tell what happens, but most likely the commission will push for a slots parlor at the coliseum. That would be great news for locals and the state coffers.

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