Las Vegas Numbers on the Rise- Part 2

The recession floored the gambling economy by taking money out of people’s pockets. Without discretionary funds, they were unable to support the economy like they once did. This means that they had to work with the much smaller amount of cash and left with little to no discretionary funds to gamble with. Las Vegas operators had a difficult time, but now things could be turning around for good. They recently released the numbers showing a revenue of just-over $200-million in Q2, as opposed to just-under $60-million the same time in 2010. This is a great sign for casino operators and they believe that this is confirmation that the recession is over and people are ready to start supporting the gambling market once again. Hopefully for them, they are right and they can start bringing in the numbers they once did to grow their casinos once again. This is going to have to be done tactfully though. There are a lot of things to consider too. One huge change is the market. Now, Macau took over as the gambling center of the world and is showing no signs of slowing down in the future. There are few other areas of the world that have ever showed this kind of growth rates to them. That means that they are going to have to work hard in Las Vegas to keep their own reputation for the gambling hub of America.

That is another shift though that is causing concerns. Due to Las Vegas’ decline, other areas of the country are making their own petitions for the number one spot. State legislators in the northeast for example, are working with their own rules to come up with workable ways of building their own casino markets up. They are toying with legalizing online gambling too to see if it is going to work. The general consensus though is that people are going to continue to work with the online market for gambling and the US would be foolish to not allow its legalization into the country. This is where Las Vegas is going to have yet another competitor to work with in the future.

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